Web Consulting and Website Audits

What has your website done for your business? Chances are it can do much more.

We have reviewed hundreds of websites and helped a wide range of companies establish a successful, revenue generating web presence. If you feel your website is leaving money on the table, let us take a look. Website audit will identify problematic areas and provide specific recommendations for improvements.

When reviewing an existing website we conduct the following analysis:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analysis

  • Find out why your website does not appear in top positions of search results
  • Identify technical issues that prevent your website from performing well in organic search results; and receive  a list of the necessary structural, informational and functional improvements
  • Discover what your target audience is looking for and modify your website content to fit its  needs
  • Learn about other online activities that will be beneficial for improving your online marketing strategy

Website Usability Evaluation

  • Identify usability issues that pose problems for your visitors
  • Increase conversions to gain more clients
  • Improve your site's business performance
  • Improve website accessibility and positions in search results

Analysis of Business Effectiveness

  • Discover why your website does not generate relevant leads
  • Learn why visitors do not contact you, place an order or buy
  • Receive  a list of  necessary content and functionality improvements
  • Find out how you can modify your website to fit the needs of your target audience
  • Put your website to WORK for your business!

Web Accessibility Analysis

  • Verify that your website meets AODA requirements
  • Receive  either a quick review or a comprehensive report
  • Find out if  your website can be modified to meet AODA standards or whether website redesign will be necessary
  • Avoid penalties for non-compliance with AODA

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