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Personas help non-profits understand what motivates their audiences.

Creating personas is a common tactic that helps marketers identify and properly describe their target audience and tailor their messages to appeal to them. Personas will help you better understand – with what motivates people to donate, volunteer, and support your organization.

What makes an effective home page?

Welcome messages that do not explicitly state what a company does turn potential clients away. Take a look at this homepage text. A statement such as this one applies to virtually any IT consulting business. When your homepage fails to communicate what you do clearly, your web presence turns away many potential buyers, business partners or investors.

XYZ provides the expertise and talents of their specialists all over Canada, implementing solutions and contributing to the success of your business and your projects. At XYZ, our philosophy is based on three principles: experience, expertise and commitment. Our people are highly skilled, but what distinguishes us above all are our values of accessibility, being local and trust.

Home should clearly state what your company does and why should people trust you with their business.

Elements of an effective home page

Company name and purpose

This is your company name (usually presented as the logo) and clear message about what you do. The tagline is extremely useful because it conveys a short, clear statement that is easy to understand.

Clear explanation of services or products

Ideally, your main services or products should be displayed on the home page not buried under Services or Products page. This way visitors know what you do as soon as they land on Homepage. In many cases, a clear call-to-action can be placed directly on the home page. In case of Fresh Books (above) "Try It Free for 30 Days" button is an appropriate call-to-action.

Crossroads to main sections of information

People may come to your site via any of the internal pages. They will likely go to the Homepage to get an idea of what else you have to offer and to gain an overall understanding of your company. That's why it is a good idea to use banners, icons or other navigation to highlight important offerings and additional information.

Persuasive factors

Once a visitor learns about your company offerings, he will naturally ask himself: Why should I trust them with my business? You can use several tactics to persuade your visitors:

  • Display latest blog posts or news that show your expertise in the subject matter
  • Showcase logos of clients that trusted you with their business
  • Show testimonials that speak of the benefits of your products and services

To sum it up, your homepage should state what you do, establish trust and lead people to more information.

Why IT should not be in charge of a company website

It used to be a common practice that the IT department was responsible for a company website. That was okay in the old days of brochure-ware websites when the primary function of a site was to state the company name and address. However, times have changed, and websites have a clear purpose: To promote and sell company products and services. When was the last time your IT manager came up with an online marketing plan? Or a strategic business development idea?

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