Advice: Avoid PDFs on websites

We often see companies present case studies, policies and other documents on their website by uploading PDFs. Burying information in PDFs means that most people won’t read it. Why?

Burying information in PDFs means that most people won’t read it.

In addition to the reasons downloading and openig a PDF, there is a number of other issues:

  • PDFs feature layout meant for print, not web
  • This layout makes them hard to navigate and read
  • PDFs are not responsive to small screens, which makes them completely unreadable on mobile phones
  • People have trouble navigating back to the website


Post the content directly on the website

It is worth the effort to add a page with the content of the PDF directly on the website. Webdesigners have many plugins that help them create a captivating and mobile-friendly layout of pages at their disposal, and can present even the longest PDF in an easy to consume manner. And, you will gain much more:

  • Add valuable keywords (important for SEO)
  • Improve user experience (again, leads to better SEO)
  • Be sure that people will read it.

This article from NNG goes into details of their research.

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