Why your website needs a HOME button

Users may land on any of the internal pages of your website but they will always go to the Home page to get an idea of the big picture.

We recently reviewed an e-commerce website for usability issues. One of the first things that caught our attention was the fact that there was no HOME button. The only way to get to the home page was by clicking on the logo.

While the logo should always bring users to the home page, it should not be the only means of getting there. People intuitively look for the most obvious way to get where they want to go. HOME button, placed as the first item of the main menu, is traditionaly the most obvious way. If its missing, we can hope that people will try clicking logo. But that comes with a bit of thinking or hesitation. Remember, every occasion when a visitor hesitates what to do on a website is an oportunity to abandon the website completely.

Always stick to conventions, especially when it comes to navigation. Have a HOME page button that takes people to the main page of your website.

Source: Nielse Norman Group

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