Pop-ups and please-don't-goes annoy visitors

Don't you hate when you a website asks you to enter your email before you start using (Pinterest!) or as you are about to leave? So do most people yet many companies opt for this tactic hoping to get the contact info for future communication.

We get it, you worked so hard on your SEO to get visitors to your site so how can you let them go? Well, sometimes it's best to do the rigth thing instead of hurting your relationship with potential clients.

“I’m a grumpy old troll who lives under the bridge. If you don’t give me your email I won’t let you in.”

That sums up how people feel when they are asked to give their email address in order to enter a website. Together with “Please don’t go!” pop-ups this is one the most hated website features. The goal of this technique is to capture visitor’s info and communicate with them in the future. The problem is that when people get annoyed at you they do not really want to communicate. Not now and not in the future.

You probably wouldn’t ask a client or customer for a business card before he enters the room, and you likely don’t beg them “Please don’t go!” as they leave. Website is a digital presentation of your brand. Needy pop-ups like these are undermining your credibility and in most cases hurt your relationships with potential clients.

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