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Many companies focus their efforts on link building. This can be quite dangerous because it changes one's mindset and puts him in the wrong SEO direction. Truth is, you do not need a lot of links. What you need is links from the right sources and the right people. Instead of investing your time and money on link-building focus on helping your clients by giving them free advice.

Pick a problem they are likely to have and write an article about your solution to that problem. What will happen is that people will naturally share your article with their friends, mention it in their own blogs and share via social media. And that's how the good links grow. Answering the most common questions your audience is the easiest way to increase traffic to your website. Try phrasing the title of each post to visitors' search query to increase your chance of being found.

Answering the most common questions will add keywords to your website copy and increase your traffic.


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