Write headlines like BBC News

BBC News started as a radio station. In the radio world, small word count is essential, and one must communicate clearly to grab the attention of listeners. BBC News has remained true to this practice and is a great example to follow when writing headlines for your website.

Russia blames Israel after plane shot down
US hits China with biggest tariffs yet
British stars win big at the Emmys

Notice these headlines consist of only five words yet each carries a meaning and indicates what the content of the article is. This is important because readers scan the news for headlines, just like they can scan your website, before deciding whether or not they will read the full article.

Website headlines should be short and informative

 Keep in mind that headlines must be:

  • Short and clear
  • Highly informative
  • Understandable out of context
  • Contain your keywords

Keywords are essential for SEO especially if you are writing a blog for your company website. Headlines are usually coded in H1 or H2 headings and are among the first things that search robots will index. Your blog headline should d give readers an idea of what is the post about and provide them with reason to click on the title.

Start paying attention to newspaper headlines and soon wiring short, to-the-point titles will become a second nature to you.

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