Web Usability (UX)

Poor usability is the number one reason why visitors abandon websites. When a website leaves people wonder how to use it they leave. Website usability directly affects your company reputation and revenue.

We build websites that offer the best user experience:

  • Website structure and navigation is logical and intuitive
  • Information architecture follows the right hierarchy organized and important information is emphasized
  • Content is presented in a pleasing and consistent manner
  • Website copy is clear and concise
  • Headings allow for scanning and typography enhances the reading experience
  • Navigation and calls to action gently guide your visitors to take the next step
  • Design enhances their experience with your website and your brand

Web usability goes hand-in-hand with the principles of Search Engine Optimization and Web Accessibility. Focusing on good user experience will allow you to attract wider audience and achieve better positions is search results!

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