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Globe Productions is an award-winning theatre group based in Georgetown, Ontario. As any community theatre Globe's biggest challenge is to bring people to theatre and sell their shows. This is not easy for a community group run solely by volunteers. Globe is one of the organizations we have been supporting since 2010. During 2014 and 2015 we offered our expertise and took on publicity for the group. This is the second website redesign we did for them.

Website goals and objectives

The biggest challenge of any community theatre is to sell tickets and make a profit. This is especially challenging for theatres in the Greater Toronto Area because their audiences have an easy access to Toronto their competition is Mirvish and other professional productions!

Ticket sales was not the only reason for the website redesign. Being involved with the group and serving on their Board of Directors we understood that the sense of belonging is essential for the future continuity of group. Globe is like the second family for many of it's members and the website had to communicate and aid to that sense of belonging and be a presence Globe members can be proud of.

Our solution

Because Globe is competing for audience's attention and dollars with Mirvish Productions, our goal was to establish a highly professional image. Their website had to be much more attractive and more functional than others and compatible with those of Mirvish and Strattford.

Redesign started with upgrading the Jomla! CMS system to the latest version and setting up a fully customized responsive design that will allow us to showcase the shows - past and upcoming - using photo galleries and videos. We completely restructured the website architecture and greatly expanded all sections of the website. 

Each show is promoted using posters and marketing materials as well as photos and videos as well as social media sharing buttons. As part of our volunteer work we set up, designed and maintained Globe's social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

The home page offers and overview of what is Globe about. Visitors can find information about the upcoming show, latest news, learn about the group and check out their past shows withing a few scrolls down the page.

Gorgeous, professional photos play an essential role in the website design. They clearly showcase the quality of Globe shows and give the website its personality. And that is what we wanted to achieve: we wanted to create a website that speaks "We're Globe" And hopefully, we achieved that.

During our volunteer work for Globe we also designed posters and marketing materials for four Globe shows. 

Services and technical features provided

  • Web consulting and complete project planning
  • Creative concepts and graphic design
  • Dynamic content management system
  • Responsive website design
  • Modern functionality
  • Multimedia support
  • Interactive forms
  • Social media sharing
  • Social media accounts set up
  • Ongoing maintenance and support
  • Advanced level of on-page SEO
  • Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools set up
  • Joomla! CMS
  • Javascript


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